Hello. Guten Tag. Bonjour. Hola. Aloha. Ciao. G'day. Whatever else there is. OK just to be clear; this blog is NOT about different ways to say hi.

This is a serious matter.

LA Dee DA.. I'm on forums... And I see a forum about pumpchkin. I read it, and I'm like oh, its kjust a stupid hate forum for pump. I see another the next day. By the same user. And the next day same thing.... More people are commenting on these forums made by a user named 'I am the rebel'. OK, I think pump still stalks forums to make sure people keep her name out of forums. So now in realz im panicking. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT TELL ME THERES GONNA BE ANOTHER FORUM WAR! NOOOOO! AND RIGHT WHEN I THOUGHT THINGS WERE ACTUALLY BECOMING SOMEWHAT PEACEFUL, THIS USER COMES ALONG AND RUINS IT!

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