Welcome to the gossipy gossip blog! (I couldn't think of a better name)

Anyway.. Every Friday from now on (probably) I will make a blog post about all the stuff that's going around on MSP! Anyway... Let's get started.

Mybeau and Packy in chatrooms?

Our sources (and by our sources I mean me and my friend) showed us that mybeau and packers212121 were caught in several chatrooms! Fans were so exited that some of the smallest chatrooms were getting just as much lag as in pumpchkin's room. But this does not have all good outcomes. Several jewels, porters, vipers, stuffers, etc. Are begining to doubt there leaders. If mybeau and packy are doing this again (they also did this a few weeks ago) why won't others? Nobody from the dream team is responding, but ItzJerz has said that she doesn't go into chatrooms because of the lag she would cause and because of the hate. But mybeau and packy didn't receive any hate, so why would someone not as famous get hate?

I am the rebel is back?

Once upon a time in great forum land, there was a user named I am the rebel. She made hate forums to pumpchkin wherever she went. But then she stopped. Thank god. But a few days ago something very odd happened. A new forum was up. A pump hater forum. By I am the rebel. This isn't a fictional story. This is really happening. But why is this worth mentioning? I'll tell you why. Apparently, according to rebel, pumpchkin still stalks forums. Rebel, for the first time ever clicked on pumpchkin's profile. And, according to rebel, pumpchkin had blocked her. Its unknown at the time whether or not pump did block her, but until then we'll just have to hope there won't be another forum war.

Packers and Jersey feud?

Questions were popping up everywhere 'what happened between you and jersey' 'What is with you and packers' Its unclear why the questions kept popping up, but several users heard a rumor that there was a packy and jersey feud. Packers212121 quickly cleared up these rumors though, saying that jersey saw bad behavior and reported him, not realizing it was packy. Thank goodness that mybeaurs and jewels still have a peaceful relationship!

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