• Princess7533 :D
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  • Princess7533 :D

    Ok I'm done wasting your time. Bye now!

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  • Princess7533 :D

    New Series!

    June 26, 2014 by Princess7533 :D

    On MSP, I'm going to make a new series called 'If I stayed'

    "My name is Elle. And this is the story of why I killed myself"

    Elle was a regular girl. She always seemed so happy. But she was slowly dying on the inside. Until she hung the scarf from the ceiling, stood on a chair, and... For the first time ever, see what really happened! Enjoy the story of Elle. One minute you'll be laughing and the next minute you'll be crying.

    The casting right now is unclear, but the list below is a list of casting:

    Elle: Princess7533

    Ryan (Abusive Boyfriend): Anthony likes pie2002

    Lila (Friend): Tootietwo2

    Angela (Friend): Donut Lovex

    Mackenzie (Mean Girl): AVAILABLE

    Isabelle: (Mean Girl): bluepurplewhat

    Mom: Alyssa Rock


    Vicki (Little Sister): 6ArTrA6


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  • Princess7533 :D

    Welcome to the gossipy gossip blog! (I couldn't think of a better name)

    Anyway.. Every Friday from now on (probably) I will make a blog post about all the stuff that's going around on MSP! Anyway... Let's get started.

    Our sources (and by our sources I mean me and my friend) showed us that mybeau and packers212121 were caught in several chatrooms! Fans were so exited that some of the smallest chatrooms were getting just as much lag as in pumpchkin's room. But this does not have all good outcomes. Several jewels, porters, vipers, stuffers, etc. Are begining to doubt there leaders. If mybeau and packy are doing this again (they also did this a few weeks ago) why won't others? Nobody from the dream team is responding, but ItzJerz has said that s…

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  • Princess7533 :D

    LA LA Dee DA... I'm on the msp app. Every thing is as good as cheese.... So a few minutes later I decide to go on computer. And guess what? It says 'This computer has been blocked from moviestarplanet blah blah blah....' First, I start panicking like 'what the heck did I do??' And so I try the app. The app is fine. No problems. Yea.. Anybody who knows anything about msp knows that's NOT supposed to happen. So me, being just that fab, contact msp asking what happened and stuff like that. Now I'm just waiting for that email back.

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