Have you ever saw msp glitch?? You should have. Msp has alot of glitches!!!! There's a glitch that says, you joined January 1901! I got a message saying, "Why do you even like pump!! She's a sor loser, like seriously. I'd rather follow a cats butt hole.Plus, i bet she's a old nasty crop! It says she joined in January 1901!!!! i mean 1901!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, have fun following you're stupid @$$ friend!! -_-" So i had to give her a message recieving, "Well, pump isn't my friend, but i got to still be friendly to her. And the january 1901 is a glitch! Msp wasn't even out in 1901! I dont think they even had computers and stuff." She didn't believe me, but i cared one less bit. Another glitch is, if you see the msp sign up above your status update. You should see it. And if you click that sign, all your friends will disapear from the bottom of your screen. But they're still your friend. The only way for them to appear back in the bottom of the msp screen, then you need to log out, then log back on. You friends will appear again. I found this trick, along time ago when it was my 20th day on msp a few years ago. I was just writing a status update and all. Then i accidently click the that sign. All my friends disapeared. I click on friends, but they were still there, saying online and stuff. But i was very confused. So i logged out, then logged back on, and BOOM.... they were there. I DIDN'T GET ANYTHING!!! So, i looked it up on youtube. They told that glitch. And i felt dumb. So, that's when i learned that glitch. There are plenty more glitches on msp, but i just don't feel like writing more about them. I know ALL msp glitches..... so :D 
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