What the heck is up with my 3DS/DSi Chargers?

The Story:

I got my DSi in First or Second Grade. I got my 3DS in like, 2012. Just a month ago or something, my cat SPLICED my one charger (Keep in mind they are both the same.)! I was so upset... But I have to forgive him, he's a cat. So I used the other charger. Now just TODAY I tried charging my 3DS. When I tried connecting it wouldn't go in that power thingy. It looks like it has a face?... Anyway when I took a look at it I saw one of the metal prongs on it was bent! If it was bent it would not charge--at all! I just started crying and showed my mom. Luckily my dad just used his big yeti hands (he has big hands and feet) and bent it back. I just laughed insanely.

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