Why did you join Moviestarplanet?

I had two previous accounts before: One almost as old as Pumpchkin, and one joined the same month and year I got my two cats. These accounts I eventually forgot, and I made KornEternal5, then natureluver13, and finally my newest backup, Korns bakup.

What made you join, originally?

Commercials for Moviestarplanet, of course!

Who is KornEternal5?

Korn is my main account and I can be contacted on her. For more info, click the link: Learn more about KornEternal5

Though she's never been hacked, she's heard Miss filly's whistle, but was also watching a video of it, but she does not know if it was really the whistle or not. Also, the account was logged out when I didn't actually SEND the logout command. Luckily, I changed my password and it hasn't happened since.

Who is Natureluver13?

Natureluver13 is my backup account and I can also be contacted through her. For more info reguarding her, click on Natureluver13.

She's never been hacked either: But she is deeply hated by the user $parkle&Shine, not to mention her petty porter friends. They wanted me to be a porter to be their friends and when I had nature explore other teams, they got angry at me and even called nature fake! That's often the problem with porters: She even canceled her series just becaause some of the people involved were team free. Also, this happened when they became VIP. I strongly reccomend not friending them.

Who is Korns bakup?

That account is private for now, but she is my newest backup.

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