Ok, let's imagine a scene. You've just been hacked and you don't know what to do. I'll give you some tips on how to not get hacked.

1: Make a password that's easy to remember and hard to guess. Try combining numbers, letters, symbols, and capital letters. Also, change it every two weeks or something so Hackers will not guess after a long period of time.

2: Don't chat with hackers. Don't chat with them, not even fake hackers, some have tons of fancy apps, and one of those apps allows them to see what you might be pretending to type, if you are. Also, don't spam Grim Reaper's wall. You never know if the real one might see...

3: Be sure to report anyone who's hacked you.

4: Don't be idle for too long.

What to do if your friends are hacked:

1: Their status might be different. Let's say it was totally normal but somehow it got changed to Grim Reaper's slogan, which is: 'Haunted by the past, haunted by the future, HACKED by grim reaper...' It might be changed to Miss Filly's catchphrase: 'Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm miss filly and I'm out to get you (d)' It might even be changed to Anonymous's catchphrase! 'Hacked by Anonymous. I can do everything. ;D' Different hackers will post different things, and there is no telling they might be different, but keep in mind with these statuses. Also, it might be in code, as you cannot say Grim or Anon's name anymore in MSP.

2: DO NOT REPORT YOUR FRIEND. If you do, you won't report the hacker that way: You're only getting your friend in trouble. When it seems she is normal again, tell her what happened and ask who hacked her/him so you are sure on who to report.

3: Finally, help others that were victims of severe hacking. Severe Hacking means their looks have been changed, furniture deleted, friends deleted, and such. But you must keep your eyes keen.

Types of Hackers:

Anonymous: She's hacked 200,000 users and may be the most dangerous hacker out in US Moviestarplanet. What to do to stay safe: If you need to research her, keep an eye out for the anons with no hats. No hats means they're fake. Also, don't enter number chatrooms, she created them. Also, don't login if she might be around, she can see through the asterisks.

Miss Filly: She is another famous hacker, only you hear a whistle when she deletes your account and hacks you. To Stay safe: Shut down your PC if you hear the whistle, and avoid people doing the animations Blood on the floor and Insane Dracula. The Scary thing about her though, is that YOU CAN'T GET BLOOD ON THE FLOOR ANYMORE! Don't login if there is a boy with a birthday suit and blue hair, that's Miss filly, and don't login if an account that looks like Anonymous pops up in the login screen either. That's not anon, it's an old deleted user of Filly, sometimes known as Haha (d)! Still, don't login with those two accounts.

Grim Reaper: Another popular hacker who first originated in UK MSP. She's slowly migrating to US. Rumors: Rumors say she was bullied so much she started hacking in revenge, and she covers her face because she thinks people will make fun of her if she reveals it. One person is actually friends with Grim. How to stay safe: There are doubts to if the rumors are true, But Grim is still a dangerous hacker. If she hacks you or deletes your account, a black flash appears.

Miss Outrage: She's pretty much a hacker as well, only she can take over your chat. In other words: She can type words in your chat anytime she wants. How to stay safe: Try to avoid her. She usually has tan skin, blue eyes, black hair and outfit with hints of red.

Terrigang: Avoid Terrigang as well. She and another Terrigang hacker made a GUY DISSAPPEAR AND REPLACED HIM WITH A COFFIN! He did not have the coffin.

And finally... The D0lly... She's supposed to look like a doll, but she has a stitched face mask covering her face. Her status always says, 'The Toys are coming out to play... (d)' She also has another account too, called the clown.

Well, those are my tips for staying safe. I will post more as time comes. Good luck and stay safe!

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