This is important fellow wikians.

Do NOT Watch 'Llamas With Hats'.

Here is the reason why:

Llamas with Hats

What is Llamas with Hats?

Llamas with Hats is a series of viral videos. Between one to two minutes each, the videos are conversations between two llamas, one in a green hat, and one in a red hat with a flower. The llamas never move, but converse through the length of the clips. The llama with the red hat (later revealed to be Paul) is constantly disgusted by the recent actions of Carl, the llama in the green hat.


•While the title sounds harmless, every episode of Llamas with Hats references violent actions leading to the death of various humans. The descriptions of some of these deaths are disturbing.

•The first Llamas with Hats episode has a dead body between the two llamas.

•Carl has a twisted perception of what is ok and what isn't. You may not want to see this.

Like I said, Do NOT Watch this. It might ruin your teenhood-childhood. I have a 3DS, (Not the XL) Still, I saw it on Nintendo Video. Of course, they didn't show the image of it for a sneak peek. All they showed was a white screen with black letters that said, 'Llamas with Hats'. You'll have to enter your birthday to watch it, and I entered mine, but it said 'You cannot watch this video. Restrictions Apply.' I'm guessing you must say you're 18 to watch it. I could get into trouble if I watch this. So my warning is... Steer clear from this series.