OK, has anyone heard of Harvest Moon? Harvest moon is a farm simulator game. I play it myself.


The Character I play as is Kitty. My character is expecting a child to be born. I'm married to Neil, (One of the bachelors) And I have 3 cows, 2 alpacas, 1 llama, 2 sheep, 1 suffolk sheep, 3 chickens, and 2 silkie chickens. 

The game really isn't as easy as it sounds: Basicially you run a farm. You can get married but it's difficult. You can marry the bachelors as a girl and the bachelorettes as a boy. OK, so... Basicially... The bachelors are: Neil (My husband and profile picture), Allen, Rod, Soseki, Sanjay and Amir. Bachelorettes are Iroha, Tina, Felicity, Michelle, The Witch Princess and Yuri. Be careful: Yuri and Amir are the most difficult potential spouses. This is because their heart colors are hidden. I suggest Iroha and Neil for beginners. Neil is simple: He likes milk, fodder and eggs. Iroha likes Small rocks. They actually have lots more favorite gifts, so beware and try to collect them. Giving them a gift they don't like (N: Perfume, Gems, Flowers, Tea. 3 links can show you how to marry Neil: [1] [2] [3]   ) will lower their heart color, which is their affection for you. Heart events raise/lower this color depending on the choice you made. A bad choice makes you lose friendship points and gain anger points. Once the people are at a blue heart color, you can have them become your boyfriend/girlfriend. (To breakup with your lover, ignore them for 31 days STRAIGHT: A full month. Once this happens they'll lose 10,000 Friendship points with you and gain 5 Anger points. Getting back together isn't simple: Wait 62-63 days, and raise their heart color all the way to red, and give them a special gift 8 times. Then show the ring again.) To make them confess, you must give them 100 gifts. To confess to THEM, you must unlock and buy a ring from the general store. To marry them, unlock the blue feather, and get their heart color to red. Also, you must expand your house and build the double bed. A month after the wedding, you can become pregnant. To do this you must have waited a week for the child's bed blueprints from the blueprint shop, which requires 10 black lumber, 1 pink diamond, 5 suffolk wool and 10 alpaca yarn balls or something. To get black lumber you must upgrade your axe into an ultra axe, and to get the pink diamond you need to go to the mine often. The cloth maker must be made from bottles and other things. Suffolk Sheep and Alpacas are unlocked later in the game. If you do not build the child's bed before the month, it will be postponed ANOTHER MONTH. The pregnancy lasts 60 days, and if you're the female character, it doesn't affect you. Here's a simpler version of 60 days:

Wedding was Winter 23rd, Year 3

Pregnancy event happens Spring 23rd, Year 4

Baby is born Fall 22nd, Year 4.

If you want the gender to be different (Boy came out instead of girl, Girl came out instead of boy) Then, save the day before the pregnancy. In this case, save on Fall 21st and keep resetting until it's your preferred gender.

Animals and livestock can give you certain types of milk, wool and eggs. They sadly die as a part of real life. During the event VERY sad music plays, and Neil tells you the animal is dead.

Well, that's all I have to say. Go to the Harvest moon wikia or fogu to learn more about the game. Enjoy ;)


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