So as the title says, yes, I got a new(ish) laptop!!!

It's newish because it's actually older than the other one. :/
But it works at the same pace as the other one so that shouldn't really be an issue. xD

Now I can be on the wiki more often, even when it is my sister's day on the laptop, I can use mine. :D
Meaning I can finally start to think about working towards those "Contribute to the wiki every day for this many days" badges. (I kinda sorta gave up on working at those after my 6 weeks holidays ended, but now I should be able to work towards them again.)

Just one thing, there are these awesome theme things for Google Chrome, I tried to look for a Bastille one but there was none to be found. If anyone could point me in the direction of a tutorial on how to make your own theme I would be very happy. :)

Mkay, I think It's time I went and told my other wikis and my deviantart about my new laptop.

See ya around~~
~absolzoey∆ ∆Stormer∆Pegasister∆MSPer∆Ghoul∆ ~∆talk∆~

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