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Thefreak101 was a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (UK). She was Level 11 (Talented MovieStar), but now is Level 3 (Wannabe). She was hacked by Thehack12.


The Freak101 used to be Fashiongirl4545, who was Level 11 (Before new levels). But then she was hacked, and thehack12, the hacker who did it, made her account useless by taking all her items, deleting her fame and progress in the game and finally changed her name, from 'Fashiongirl4545' to 'Thefreak101'. If you are hacked and wind up having the same fate as the freak101, just create a new account and be careful. Most importantly, if you are in a region with tons of dangerous hackers, keep a low profile, and strong password.


  • She was hacked by Thehack12
  • Her original name was fashiongirl4545, but Thehack12 hacked her and changed her name.
  • She has a new account, but this name is unknown because Thehack12 hacked It.

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