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Roxy-1 is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is Level 72 (Professional Moviestar).


Like Ishacool, Roxy has made a variety of different movie series based on different topics and genres. Her most famous movie series are Nightmare Bride, the series became the most fantastic, most viewed series ever on moviestarplanet', it took the website to a whole new level. She then came striking back when the series finished with her own little mermaid. She said in her own words 'Nothing like I have ever done before'. After the success of two series she made a series called 'Terror farm' it was a flop that was never finished, her own views on this series are 'It got boring' her own words. She then brought back 'Nightmare Bride' For a series two, it was very well noticed because her best friend on the game. Made a trailer for it on youtube, the series also had artbooks, looks, it was very noticed. The first 10 parts did fantastic, but when Roxy took time of due to laptop matters, she released another 3 parts killing of her bff on the game in the movie, She then came back again and released Last Friday Night, is based on Katy Perry's song. The series did amazing and became her most watched series, she said in her own words 'So much fun to make'. She then took a darker turn and made 'Wrongly Accused' about a woman who is wrongly accused of murder. Her latest series Life of Jes is about a kind,sweet girl who goes from a normal girl to a cheerleader or as Roxy says "clean and fresh to cheerleading mania!" Which has now finished

Looks and ArtbooksEdit

Roxy has a variety of original, genuine looks, that characterizes her personality traits. Roxy has had many different styles and looks but mostly she has had the same face throughout her years on moviestarplanet. She has had many looks but her most famous are her 'Monster High' looks based on the popular series, her 'Abby bom' look is the top look from the series and on msp all together.

Her Artbooks are about her new upcoming and current series as well as her friends.


Lately, Roxy has been accusing IzzyWizzyWooxox of copying her series, Nightmare Bride. According to the latest artbook made by Roxy, Issie's Revenge series has the same storyline and props. Wizzies have been sticking up for  Issie, where as Little-Rox's have been sticking up for Roxy. This could be the start of a new MSP fight. :)

Also saying issie does not make her own movie ideas (David0069151 Made the series idea). One thing Roxy Might be leaving if Issie does this again.


Roxy said in an artbook not that long back that she was going to leave MSP. Recently she has changed her mind and decided to stay.

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