Rapunza 1 fan

Rapunza #1 fan is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 29 (Upcoming Movie Star).


Rapunza initially joined MSP under the username "Rapunza" in April 2012 but didn't play often until the creation of "Kitty kat love" in October 2012. She originally had "Kitty kat love" as her main account, but the account was compromised and she switched to "Rapunza #1 fan". She first gained recognition through her friend "Maeve29", who put her in a movie that told viewers to add Rapunza and help her level up; this caused Rapunza to go from level 4 to level 11 in just under 3 weeks. She earned more recognition through this wiki and four of her artbooks that made it the top page: "Dared Plz Help!", "Entire WL Giveaway", "Elsa VS Anna", and "Forums".

Rapunza is mostly known for her movies, artbooks, and presence on this wiki. She is also well known for winning 1st place in the "Stage Star" competition with her movie "Star Struck". She earns most of her fame through her movies, artbooks, awards, autographs, and greetings. In addition to those, she often goes on Fame Booster and once earned over 1,200,000 fame while on Fame Booster. When online, she is usually busy creating artbooks, movies, or looks, but she also likes to message her friends, shop, go on Fame Booster, and forum occasionally.

Most of her well known artbooks are random and fun, but she also creates some artbooks for casting users for her movie series, sharing facts about herself, and supporting anti-bullying. Her movies are mainly a variety of realistic or fantasy-themed movie series, but she also creates single movies or short movies. Her movies are generally inspired by books she read, movies she watched, or dreams she had. They usually average 30-50 views, but her most watched movie is "Friends Forever? Part One" with over 700 views. Other popular movies are "Mermaids ARE Real Part Too", "Let It Go - Frozen", and "The Mean Girl Too".

Usual Appearance And Style

Rapunza has bright red "Cherry Gloss" lips, pale skin, a round nose, and bright blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes which she usually wears thick eyelashes around. Her style is mainly girly and feminine, and her outfits gain her a lot of attention. She normally wears mismatched outfits that use a variety of luminous colors and sparkles; however, she does wear toned-down, matching outfits occasionally. She also makes outfits based off of movie characters or celebrities, including but not limited to Elsa and Anna from "Frozen", Taylor Swift, and Rachel Platten. Rapunza typically wears looks she created herself but sometimes wears looks others created of her or twins with close friends.


  • She used to be a Porter (supporter of Pumpchkin) but switched to being a Jewel (supporter of ItzJerz) after seeing one of ItzJerz's artbooks. To this day, she does not support high leveled moviestars anymore.
  • Activities she enjoys doing in real life include singing, reading, writing, and softball. She wants to be a singer and song writer when she grows up.
  • Her real first name is Samantha, and her real middle name is Angela.
  • Artbooks are her favorite feature in movietown.
  • The "Rapunza" part of her username is derived from a misspelling of the Disney princess Rapunzel. However, her favorite Disney princess is actually Elsa.
  • Her favorite musical artists are Rachel Platten, Pentatonix, and Daya, and her favorite songs are "Fight Song" and "Lonely Planet".
  • Her favorite foods are pasta, donuts, and gummies.
  • Her birthday is April 20th, and she shares her birthday with her profile bestie and wiki buddy Taylor Swift1717.
  • Her favorite day of the week is Monday.
  • Her fastest typing speed is 73 WPM.
  • She loves collecting fun facts and knows over 300.
  • She is on the wiki under the username Plattenum.
  • She has many accounts on the US server, and is on the UK, IE, ES, AU, and DK servers under the same username. She also has accounts on the TR, NZ, CA, FR, and SE servers under the username "Plattenum".
  • On the IE server, her movie "Not Normal Life Part One" won 2nd place.
  • Her favorite movies are Frozen, Pitch Perfect, and Jem And The Holograms.

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