Morganisok533 is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 18 ().


Morgan started MSP on March 13 2012. She found out about it when she was talking to her friend. Her friend talked her into signing up and told her they would be best friends on the website. Her friends username is taijataija2020, but Morgan denied the request when she found out she was a hacker. Morgan didn't understand how to do many things and became bored of the website. She took a break for about a year when she came back in April 2013.

Friends and Family

Morgan has many friends and family on the website. She was playing the game one night when her little brother, (minecarft562) started making fun of the website. She then realized he was past old enough to be on the website. (he was 10) She signed him up and is one of his best friends. She became lonely on the website so she decided to invite her best friend (heyhay2020) to the site. She also created a moviestar for her cousin, Anthonysmosh 101, her other best friend, Ellee Fairy and many other people.


Morgan is not very well know on the site. But she did have 15 minutes of fame when she made an artbook called "Since when do we have to pay for friends?" This was an artbook about the top moviestars and about having to give them autos to be their friend. She received lots of hate from this. Some people supported her for what she thought, but most others sent hurtful comments to her and made hate accounts targeting her. She ignored it mostly, but did write a status update stating: "I didn't mean to hate on them, I meant to inform you who your real friends are." She received even more hate from this. She then said she would delete her account, but her brother and best friend would not let her. They quickly created fake accounts to support her. She decided not to delete her account. She found out later, But could only thank them. She clamied she was surprised but not mad "That was a big task, and they did that all for me, I couldn't ask for better best friends." She is also known for always being bored, as she puts in her status quite often. She says she's not really bored, but just doesn't know what to write.


  • She is 8 years old.
  • She is related to Kylie Kardash.
  • She lives on a farm.

Please Keep in mind some of these rumors are not yet proven true, and some are.