Isabell649 is a regular user of Moviestarplantet (US). She is Level 11 ().

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Isabell is very nice and a bit of a kawaiian. Although she has a sporty side. Considered girlie-sporty. She loves soccer. Just as her sister Daydream133.

Usual Appearance

Isabell649 has light blue eyes, baby pink lips, and a pointed nose with freckles.

Artbooks, Movies and Looks


Her artbooks range from selling/trading her stuff to random ones. She also does them for special days such as Holidays.


Isabel makes very random movies. She doesn't get many views/ratings.


She makes looks whenever she has new clothes. Usually named "New Me"


  • Her name is Leilani
  • Her nicknames are Noodle, Lani, and Looly
  • She's like the color black
  • Her sister's account is Daydream133
  • Her cousin's account is Alyssa Montes

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