Cutiepop8283 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 27 (Trendsetter Moviestar) She is very known for having rares.

About and History Cutiepop8283 is a level 27. She is very known for rare trading and having rares.She sometimes gives random greets and free rares to her best helpers that help her level. She calls her fans poppers and she use to be in Team Pump but now isn't in any team. She joined in December 2013 and currently still plays. She makes trades with her best friend fluffy ferrets.

Usual Style and Appearance

Cutiepop8283 and a pair of "Perfect Blue Eyes" a normal nose and a red lip color, and a greenish skin color but sometimes changes it to crazy colors like pink, or red. She usually wears rares or normal outfits that she makes.


  • She has a YouTube channel
  • Her best friend is fluffy ferrets and they do rare trades together
  • Sometimes cutiepop8283 gives out free greetings to her best helpers or when she is close to leveling
  • She calls her fans "Poppers"

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