Hollisterco14 is a famous troll in 2014. Well known for spreading racist slurrs. Ani (her real name) started msp in around about 2010. She then left in 2015 becuase msp perm locked her from her high leveled 48 account.

She then returned in 2017 as bari. Bari was also a troll but turned out to be a very loved and highly popular forumer. She comes off as a bully, will usually tell people to die and make them feel pathetic and worthless - just give it some time and she turns out to be really nice and one of the best foruemrs out there. 

Bari also gets into a lot of arguments and most of them do not involve her but her friends. She has the habbit of sticking up for her friends despite knowing they're wrong sometimes. 

Bari has also got a strong connection with another well known forumer- burgicon/aibert. The two had been talking since 2015 and only revealed their true feelings for each other in 2017. Despite their ups and downs they both love eachother dearly (for some unkown reason they are not dating). 

Bari is also the creator of ruby bear. she was first hated by yellow magic and is now a close friends to most memebers of ym. bari is also bestfreinds with purplex 625 (famous forumer) and getrekt, a level 40 former ym member. 

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