Anonymous ​was a well-known 'hacker' on MSP (UK). She was level 1 (Beginner)

About & History

Anon first joined MSP in 2012, on the UK server. She made a forum called 'Little Test'. The forum was made by a deleted user that was level 1. It should've been impossible for her to make a forum, since you either had to be level 6+ or VIP. 

On the forum, it red: "Hi ;D I'm Anonymous. I'm level 1 and not VIP. I can do almost everything ;D - Nobodys safe! -"   Users started to talk about this 'hacker' about she was 'fake'. Anon took notice to this and who ever commented on that forum would get hacked. Even Ishacool thought it was fake  she got hacked!

After a while, Anon showed up on the login screen, it was rumored that if you would log on/make an account while she was there, you would get hacked by her.

The moderaters noticed the panic, so they would try to convince people that it was 'silly & fake' and the girl on the login screen just randomly happened to look like her since it was computer genorated. Some people seemed to believe the mods.

Anon then made a new account named 'Cherelcole'. However, it was soon deleted by either Anon or MSP. 

She then started going to chatrooms, random peoples rooms & high-scorers rooms. 

It is safe to say, Anon has been gone for a long time and, as we know, there are no signs of her returning any time soon. 

Appearance & Style

Anon was normally found with: A purple bun for hair, a purple fadora/hat, no shirt (sometimes a purple bra), baggy black pants and purple/black shoes/socks(?). She was found have a small tan skin tone. 

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