Alyssa Montes is a regular user of Moviestarplanet (US). She is Level 19 (Ace Movie Star).

Alyssa Montes

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She is quite the bubbly, sily spirit. She sends cute messages occasionally. Alyssa is very kind, she will give you gifts, autographs, and wish-list gifts. She watches all your movies, love your artbooks and looks.

As of July 15 2015, Alyssa declared herself a Jewel. The team in which belongs to ItzJerz.

On July 21 2015, Alyssa created a fan group for her supporters called: Team Mony.

She refers to her fans as Monies or M&M's.

Usual Appearance

Alyssa's avatar has amber eyes, olive skin-tone, brunette hairstyles, and different kind of outfits at times. She recently started to wear blue, blonde, and red hairstyles.

Artbooks, Movies and Looks


In Winter 2014 she made an artbook about her team. Her artbooks range from silly and crazy to serious and attention grabbing. She makes a few events through her Artbooks as well.


Alyssa has made old movies in the past but later deleted them due to hate and low ratings. She usually makes random movies.

Alyssa has canceled her short series "Havenica". Her new series "Circus Acts: Steampunk" will be out this July 2015.


She tends to make ootds' and similar type of looks everyday. She'll occasionally makes party looks or little outfits for people to buy.


  • Her birthday is 08-27-01
  • Her brothers are > Jeremy < and > Joshua <
  • Her cousin's account is isabell649
  • Her instagram could be found here
  • Her Youtube could be found here
  • Obsessed with kawaii, steampunk, and Creepypasta
  • She has profiles with the same user on moviestarplanet UK, IE, and CA
Winter 2014 Special Events
  • mommysgirl1978's Xmas Party 2014
  • gurlzrockhaha's Xmas Party 2014
  • MSP Xmas-NYE Wedding 2014 (Invited)
  • Gothic-Emo NYE 2014

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