Alyssa Montes is an occasional user of Moviestarplanet (US). She is Level 20 (Entertaining Movie Star).

Bullying & Threats

In her current profile, it claims Alyssa has been a member of MSP since June 2013. Although, she's states that she has actually been a member since 2011; with her previous (now deleted) accounts "Blossom389", "King Rosalina", and "Onika Tania Maraj," but has since deleted the accounts due to consecutive bullying, threats of hacking, and cyber stalking. However, not largely well known on MSP, she continues to strive and reach out to other m
ovie stars through her designs, art books, and movies.

Team Spirit 

On her past accounts Alyssa was an acclaimed porter of Pumpchkin's team. Adversely on the creation of her current (fourth) account, she became a short lived beauer of Mybeau's team. As of July 15 2015, Alyssa declared herself a Jewel. The team in which belongs to ItzJerz. In Spring/Summer of 2017, she also joined the Official Royals team of alyssa @568, and the Allstars team of infinty and beyond1. She is currently working on building up a following for herself by reaching out to many other higher level moviestars.

She is typically a moody, confident, and kind spirited person. She usually would send messages of love, appreciation, or positivity to those she admires. Alyssa has also proven to be very generous; she'd often go out of her way to send gifts or autographs to other players. Alyssa always tries to participate in the support of her friends and other acquainted moviestars by watching their movies and loving their looks and artbooks.


Usual Appearance 

Alyssa's avatar normally has light brown eyes, olive skin-tones, and brunette hairstyles. Her outfit style varies widely; ass she constantly updates and "cleans out" her wardrobe by gifting her clothes to other players.

She usually focuses her artbooks on the donation and selling of her older clothing and hairstyles. Though, she has discussed wanting to complete more artistic and entertaining artbooks, but has yet to
Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 3.34.41 pm

Alyssa has made movie series in the past, but has deleted them due to low ratings and difficult casting. She has also stated that it has been difficult to quickly come up with interesting plot lines; and is currently busy with school work and family duties. She focuses on random movies for now, so she may still gain profit.

Alyssa claims to be working on a movie project for the Late Summer of 2018, but it'll likely be postponed to the Fall.


She used to create "Outfits of the Day," but sticks to more simpler looks that mimic an older teen's style.


  • Her birthday is August 27th, making her a Virgo on the zodiac
  • Alyssa is 16 years old currently
  • All social media can be found @idyllicgoth
  • She LOVES reading and watching Creepypasta's and horror genre books and (short) films
  • Her favorite aesthetics are steampunk, gothic, carnival, anime, and halloween
  • Other MSP US accounts she owns are IMG Models, Monriealy, Ariezyla, AlyMarieAralia, and idyllicgoth
  • You can find her the exact same username on moviestarplanet UK, IE, CA, AUS, NZ, ES, and the DE servers
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