Alyssa Montes is an occasional user of Moviestarplanet (US). She is Level 20 (Entertaining Movie Star).

Bullying & Threats

On her current profile, she is claimed to be a member since June 2013. However, she's truly been a member since Summer of 2011. Her previous (now deleted) accounts "Blossom389", "King Rosalina", and "Onika Tania Maraj" would level between 11 and 15, but would then be deleted due to persistent bullying and threats of hacking, and cyber stalking. Although not particularly well known on MSP, she continues to strive and reach out to other movie stars.

Team Spirit 

On her old accounts Alyssa was an acclaimed porter of Pumpchkin's team. Adversely on the creation of her fourth (this) account, she became a short lived beauer of Mybeau's team. As of July 15 2015, Alyssa declared herself a Jewel. The team in which belongs to ItzJerz. In Spring/Summer of 2017, she also adopted the Official Royals team of alyssa @568, and the Allstars team of infinty and beyond1.

She is currently working on building a following by reaching out to higher leveled stars, and requesting collaborations with others willing.


She is a usually bubbly, weird, yet sarcastically spirited girl. She would send appreciative messages to those she admire, and is very generous. She will generously send gifts, autographs, and wish-list gifts. She'll always try to watch your movies, love your looks and artbooks.

Usual Appearance 

Alyssa's avatar has amber eyes, olive skin-tone, brunette hairstyles, and different kind of outfits at times. She consistently wears dark red hairstyles, but is naturally a brunette.

Artbooks, Movies and Looks 


She's deleted all and any artbooks prior to 2016. Her artbooks mainly focus on the donation and selling of her old clothing and hairstyles. 


Alyssa has made old movies in the past but later deleted them due to hate and low ratings. She now focuses on random movies.

Alyssa had canceled her short series "Havenica" back in Summer of 2015. Her new series has yet to be published, yet she claims that she is working on it for Fall 2017.


She used to create ootds' and similar type of looks everyday. She currently sticks to more simple looks for that mimic an older teens style.


  • Her birthday is August 27th
  • Her brothers are on MSP: > Jeremy < and > Joshua <
  • Her twitter could be found here
  • She's OBSESSED with Creepypasta and steampunk, gothic, and jester-like styles
  • You can find her same user on moviestarplanet UK, IE, CA, AUS servers
  • She loves the "Pretty Little Liars" theme song
Old Looks Winter 2014 Special Events
  • mommysgirl1978's Xmas Party 2014
  • gurlzrockhaha's Xmas Party 2014
  • MSP Xmas-NYE Wedding 2014 (Invited)
  • Gothic-Emo NYE 2014

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