Allyssa Rose Marie is a regular user of moviestarplanet (US). She has a YouTube which is Allyssa Rose Marie MSP


She likes making artbooks and movies. Do not beg her for gifts or greets, she dislikes so very much. Allyssa is timid and is not around chatrooms often. If you are her friend her timidity will go away. She usually does not message Moviestars who aren't her friends. Allyssa finds frustrating that one of her friends used her to be famous when she first joined. Her main is on US server, but she also plays other servers.


Allyssa has light pink cherry gloss lips, blue pretty perfect eyes , freckled nose and light white skin. She always wears a cross necklace.


  1. Her sisters also play MSP
  2. She always wears a cross necklace
  3. Her cousin also plays msp
  4. She doesn't want an MSP boyfriend or girlfriend
  5. She will unfriend you if you haven't been online for more than a month
  6. Her UK is AmazingAllyRose
  7. Her Australian account is >>Blue Bae<< even though it is a secret account that nobody knows about

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