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Allyisawesome444 is a regular user of Moviestarplanet (US). She is Level 27 (Trendsetter Moviestar).


Allyisawesome444 gets alot of hate usually coming from porters (Pumps team) due to her hating pump. She is not part of a team. She sometimes puts beauer in her status, but that's rare.


Her "fourthie" Sqashi is her best friend in real life. They talk to each other on skype. Sqashi tends to buy Sqashi's VIP because she doesn't have alot of money in real life. Her other best friend was an account controlled by her. Her other best friend is #Hollie. She gives Hollie wishlists and Greetings to Hollie because she is not very rich. Her last bff is FlyingSpatula AKA Dan. Her and Dan are two bestest friends because they talk seriously.

Social Media

Ally has Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube which can be found here

Others accounts

Ally has other accounts but refuses to reveal them to anyone because she likes to keep them private. She might have vip on one but yet this has not been proven.


  • Her real name is Lauren
  • She is 10
  • She has brown hair in real life
  • She buys diamond packs alot
  • She is bullied alot
  • She has never quit
  • She likes Fallout. 

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