Aj Quake is a level 33 Moviestar on the US server. She recently made a new account due to having email problems, the user is: Kunique.

| Besties (On Kunique): ChimmChimm

Miracle Iz Here


Alex Bliss (Fourthie)

| Besties (On Aj Quake): Totallyfamous99



Facts: She has recently become close with a popular highscore on the US server: Octavia999

Her real name is Kadence

She became a Titanium recently.

Possibly close with Kalie7750

Her Twitter accounts are: @KadenceQuake @TrashyQuake

Her instagram is: af_kadence

She is a K-Pop fan. (Mostly a ARMY) She is also not afraid to show her love for he group, she recently posted a picture of a BTS Qoute that said "4 Years <3".

She has a hard time making friends on MSP.

She has been on MSP since 2011 but, left and came back in 2015.

Her idol before she left was: FuzzyFunSocksWoah

Her current idols are: Tiffany1217, Octavia999 and Kalie7750.

She is a big fan of Roxy-1 on the U.K. server.

She has never revealed her real age publicly, she only tells her age to close friends.

She has been in one of Mybeau's movies.

She has been seen in many of ChimmChimm's movies.

Her cousin Arabella has watched over her account before even though she has never had a account herself.

Kadence tries her best to help people but, she said she isn't the best talker or good at keeping a conversation going.


She used to be in a relationship with: xX<Unicorn>Xx and she has recently told some people about a crush she has on a MSP player and everyone who knows assumes it's him.

(FACTS WERE PROVEN BY AJ! Love the person who made this, Tysmmm <3)

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