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Aj Quake is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is Level 35 ().


  • She has recently become close with a popular highscore on the US server: Octavia999
  • Her real name is Kadence
  • She created a team called, Offical Vikings (OV)
  • Possibly close with Kalie7750
  • Her Twitter is: @af_kadence
  • Her instagram is: @af_kadence
  • She is a K-Pop fan. (Mostly a ARMY) She is also not afraid to show her love for he group, she recently posted a picture of a BTS Qoute that said "4 Years <3".
  • She has a hard time making friends on MSP.
  • She has been on MSP since 2011 but left and came back in 2015.
  • Her idol before she left was: FuzzyFunSocksWoah
  • Her current idols are: Pumpchkin, Octavia999 and Kalie7750.
  • She is a big fan of Roxy-1 on the U.K. server.
  • She has never revealed her real age publicly, she only tells her age to close friends.
  • She has been in one of Mybeau's movies.
  • She has been seen in many of ChimmChimm's movies.
  • Her cousin Kylie has watched over her account before even though she has never had a account herself.
  • Kadence tries her best to help people but, she said she isn't the best talker or good at keeping a conversation going.